The Lyrics Chord Editor

Chordastic is a lyrics and chords editor that may be used for fast and easy music tab editing. Chordastic welcome screen Our most important value is quality software and the second one is beautiful software.
Quality is for keeping the user’s nerves calm and the beauty is for keeping the user’s eyes happy. The criteria of what software is good and what is not is subjective: some people think that the software must never crash, some other may think that the user interface must be simple and self-explained or some people may believe that the features are the most important. Everybody agrees that above all is the user.

With the User in mind

While we were working on Chordastic we had in mind that the user of Chordastic may not be familiar with the technology and this is why we desided Note and Chord selector to create the user interface as simply as possible. We have placed a piano for the Note and Bass selection rather a drop-down box, we think that this way the musician will select the next note much faster and much more... plesently! When someone is trying to create a music tab he/she must use several entities such as lyrics, about a dozen chords, lyrics multiplier symbols, song title and other song information. All these may be simple to place them on the paper but when you create software to do these jobs every task is a different tool and many tools may confuse the user. This is not the case with Chordastic. Every action seems natural to the user and may not even need a manual to learn the features, the user must only move the mouse all over the screen and notice the actions he may do.

Music chord tab editor page

Lyrics chord tabs made beautiful

Notes and Chords over Lyrics We may have created a simple way to create lyrics chord tabs but this was not enough, we had to create beautiful lyrics chord tabs. To make this possible we created a powerful drawing engine that can print any chord, even the complicated ones. The drawing engine is capable to draw every chord as it would have been drawn by a human using the visual notation a musician wants to see. Music is a beautiful thing, why the lyrics chord tab must be a plain text file?

We wanted the music tabs created using Chordastic to be unique and fully customized to user’s personal style. Setting of chordastic may change everything on the music tabWe do have very good sense of aesthetics but everybody else may disagree, this is why we parameterized almost everything from color and spacing till fonts and level of information. Yes, you don't have to use Courier New for your music tabs, you may choose among all of your fonts you have installed on your pc.

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