Chordastic features

Over 5000 chords to use

Chordastic supports all the common and advanced chords and allows the user to change their symbols. You may select through standard notes, full text notes or Roman numeral notes and also change the quality symbol.

Smart chord placement

Simply select the root note, the bass note and the appropriate notation from the list, select the position you want to add it and just left click on it. You can also copy or move an existing chord by moving the mouse while holding down the right click button.
By clicking the right mouse button at an empy space, a list with all used chords in the current sheet appears, helping you to finish your
lyrics chords sheet faster.

Fully customizable fonts
and music tab elements

For each lyrics chords sheet you may apply different fonts, style and size separately for the lyrics, chords, title and other information (Artist, writer etc). You can also select your default style and apply this to all your songs.

Smart Database

You can access all your music sheets from Chordastic and search for a song by title, artist, composer, writer or general info.

Export to html and txt files

You may export your music tab to html or txt format


You may shift the entire sheet to another key, while maintaining the same tone structure by simply pressing the corresponding button.


Chordastic supports high quality printing.